Moriah Osborn

2D mixed media, primarily pencil and acrylic on canvas and wood.

I love lines. I draw on canvas, paper and wood. My work is inherently linear. I think deliberate line quality can make anything interesting. My subjects are depicted in flux, their surroundings and selves in constant transformation. My art is an attempt to capture and extend fleeting moments, so we may see the extraordinary in the everyday. My art is attempt at expose the transcendent in the mundane.

My name is Moriah Osborn. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1984. My father is a native of Alabama and my mother is from England. I had many siblings and felt a need to distinguish myself. At seventeen, I graduated as an art major from The Alabama School of Fine Arts. I then bummed around London for a time, studying art in England. My fascination with the American south drew me back home, where I earned my BFA from Birmingham-Southern. I began showing my work at local art festivals and working as a freelance artist / illustrator / graphic designer. I am back in school these days, studying design at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I relish any mode of visual problem solving, and am surely working on my art/designs at this moment.

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