Leah Thornton

acrylic mediums, spray paint, permanent marker, watercolor, gouache



During a visit home this past summer, I discovered several boxes containing old photographs of family members past and present. Having always been intrigued by the lives of others, I realized I had never consciously observed the rich and vibrant lives of my own family. I was fascinated by all of the stories and memories that had been packed away and forgotten. Looking at the early photos of my parents and grandparents helped me to fully comprehend that there was life prior to my existence. While trying to understand who I am, I recognize the importance of first knowing where I come from.

All works were completed on wood panels and paper. I incorporated the use of acrylic media, spray paint, gouache, ink, and graphite. I created the works with an intention of gaining insight into each person’s life.  As I reflected on the personal connection with the pictures at hand, I drew inferences and speculated about the lives of those in my photographs. The work also consisted of my own random thought processes. Similar to thought progression I wanted each painting to have an important spontaneous quality. Without any pre-planning of the works, each became primarily about the process. Including distractions and frustrations, I wanted to show the non-linear nature of the thought processes.

Although the work is extremely personal and done for introspection, I wish to encourage the viewer to take a closer look at the world and people around them. I hope that the end product is something that will stir the viewer’s imagination and stimulate his or her curiosity.

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