Krysta Parsons

Mixed media, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, photography, digital, installation.

Artist Statement
As an American woman, my visual scope has been bombarded with flashy images of unrealistically beautiful women in the media. As a result, I have noticed that damaged or skewed body images, due to false idols and unnecessary pressures dramatically affects one’s integrity and creates a sense of false priorities. Although there are many angles to approach feminist art, my work has remained in the region of body image and focusing on the way women are viewed by men, the way in which women view themselves, the way in which women are portrayed, and even the way in which children can be influenced by media.
More recently, I have become particularly interested in large-scale and site-specific installations as well as creating a more intimate and relatable image of women. My interest in installation art stems from the significance of viewer interaction. I feel that it is important to create an environment that is transporting; a situation that makes the viewer forget about everything except for what they are seeing. Site-specific installations can have an immediate impact that hopefully sticks in the mind of the viewer.
In striving to create images that are personal and meaningful, I came to a realization that over the last several months I had been reproducing imagery that I had seen in the media. I was just showing the viewer the same imagery that I was bothered by. In an effort to create images that are more personal, I began my current project in which real women are present rather than idealized models. The every-woman is given a voice and presence. The project is based on surveys that were distributed to any woman interested. The project is photo-based, which results in a diptych format that pairs the part of each woman’s body that they are most and least comfortable with. I feel that this investigation creates something that is more intimate and relatable to the viewer.

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