Artist: Eric Holsomback


artist statement

I came from a town filled with mud tires and chewing tobacco.  David Allen Coe was king.  “There were thirteen kids and bunch of dogs, a house full of chickens and a yard full of hogs…”.  All of this played a big roll in my need to create art.  Art was nowhere around.  My only contact with art was my moms love of crafts.  I think she noticed my creative side before I did.  I was always getting encouragement to draw from both of my parents at an early age.  My imagination longed to be on paper.  I was the only one who could put it there.  I was a football junkie which normally doesn’t coincide with being creative.  I had to make the decision whether to choose a college for football or for a major.  With a lot of encouragement from my parents and aunt, I decided to use my mind instead of my back for that decision.  This was just the beginning of my convergence from a kid who liked to draw to a kid who likes to create.

project idea

I love old negatives.  I’ve had a passion for them ever since I came across them in college.  After finding a way to develop them with the plain C-41 process, I knew I had something going that not many people ever did.  So this began my project.
WWII photos interest me.  I always want to learn the story behind each capture.  Luckily, my grandfather is still alive and has photo negatives of his work for war torn poland and germany.  This project will be taken from the perspective of a WWII soldier and what he feels should be taken away from the war.

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