The Show At Woodlawn

The Birmingham Art Collective put on another show! This time we partnered with Main Street Birmingham to have a show in Woodlawn in Woodrow Hall.  Main Street Birmingham is a non-profit working to revitalize economically depressed areas of Birmingham.  The Collective is teamed up with them to draw new people into Woodlawn.

Here Are Some of the Artists Who were in The SHOW in Woodrow Hall:

Abi Lynne Wright
Andrew Thomson
Andy Zankrusch
April Livingston
Ashley Renee Campbell
Bob Miller
Brian Murphy
Brian Ratigan
C.A. Jones
Claire Cormany
Claire Lewis Evans
Drea Zacharenko
Dustin Timbrook
Eric Holsomback
Jamison Harper
Jared Ragland
Jason Burgess
Jill Marlar
Joanna Lynn H.
Jule Hunter
Kelly Householder
Krysta Parsons
Leah Thornton
Mitch O’Brien
Mitch Patrick
Moriah Osborn
Nealy Vardaman
Paul Cordes Wilm
Rebecca Schiffman Samson
Sara Cannon
Sheena Robinson
Susan Dennis
T. Scott Carlisle
Willow Scott

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  9. We were delighted to host this event at Woodrow Hall. We would love to host others, especially charity events where we can give back to the community that has enabled us to fulfill our dream! Artists, organize and event and come talk to us!

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