Opening: Justin Cooper “thin lines” solo show at beta pictoris gallery

“thin lines”

March 16 – April 14, 2012

opening Friday, March 16 (6-9pm)

“Thin Lines” is an exhibition by New York based artist Justin Cooper that explores lines from multiple perspectives. Through drawings, performance and sculptural objects, lines are deconstructed, dissected, tossed around, laughed at, and playfully abstracted. His work is very fluid, moving between mediums and emphasizing their connections by blurring the ‘thin lines’ that separate seemingly disparate practices.

Cooper says of his work:
My work is located in these liminal spaces and positions, dangling precariously between the hinged and unhinged. A relentless cross-pollination of media within my practice marks a restless search for these lines in both formal and conceptual manifestations. Whether drawn, spoken, or objectified, the lines contain an energy that is both earnest and utterly deadpan.

New York based artist/magician/comedian Ross Moreno will be joining Cooper for a performance entitled YETI AND FIREBUSH at the opening reception:

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TONIGHT: Dia De Los Muertos!


November 2, 2003

2115 1st Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233

Dia de los Muertos is a celebration for the dead held once a year in the midst of life. Each autumn, the living invite their dead to join them in a festival of communion-to return home again and, for a few hours, to sit by the hearth and warm their cold bones before returning to the land of the dead.

Birmingham’s annual Day of the Dead Festival is very much a celebration of life and a joyful and beautiful event where we pay homage and respects to our dearly departed by celebrating their lives with music, dance, art, food, spirits, laughter, joy and tears…REMEMBER!

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Also Opening Friday: “a violent thought of love in” group show beta pictoris gallery’s raumZWEI

a violent thought of love in” beta pictoris gallery’s raumZWEI

 opening reception Friday, October 28 (6-9pm)

webs, doilies, dots and grids : patterns of comfort

Peter FOX (NY)
Deborah KARPMAN (AL)
Susanna STARR (NY)

October 28 – December 3, 2011

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Friday and Saturday: Birmingham Artwalk 2011

Don’t miss Birmingham’s own artwalk!!! Support your local artists!

Ten years ago, a small group of artists, residents and businesses in the Historic Loft District came together with a good idea – to showcase local art in a way that encouraged people to experience downtown Birmingham in a new and exciting way. With the support of a few visionary investors, Artwalk was born. The first year featured less than 60 artists in a handful of locations. A decade later, Artwalk has grown into a popular destination street festival showcasing more than 120 artists throughout a vibrant neighborhood of residential, retail and entertainment establishments.

Artwalk, scheduled for Friday September 9, 5-10 p and Saturday, September 10, from noon-6 pm. and will showcase regional artists in the unique setting of Birmingham’s downtown loft district, using the architecturally rich environment of area businesses to attract visitors to a one-of-a-kind festival. What began as a modest art tour through the emerging loft district has become a highly anticipated, must-see annual event drawing more than 15,000 people downtown and showcasing more than 170 artists and performers. Area businesses host the artists, offering a fresh, exciting way for the public to experience art— and Birmingham.

The mission of Artwalk is to

• To promote Birmingham’s regional artists with an emphasis on introducing emerging artists; and
• To promote Birmingham’s downtown loft district as a viable economic and residential neighborhood.

The family friendly event is FREE to the public and will feature 3 entertainment areas, a KidZone on Saturday, multiple opportunities for food & drinks and more than 100 artist displays all within 9 city blocks. Wander the loft district on Morris, 1st & 2nd Avenues North between 22nd and 25th Streets to take it all in. Be sure to visit our new pedestrian avenue on Morris with our Main Stage and more than 20 artists on the sidewalks.

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Boutwell Studios
2917 Central Avenue
Homewood, AL

Come join us at Boutwell Recording Studios for yet another fantastic Art Opening, Friday, July 30th from 5 – 8PM.
Be sure to check out our website for more information about us, and enjoy our award winning podcast series!

On Friday the 30th we will be enjoying beer, and light refreshments, while we admire Bo Hughins’ & Paul Cordes Wilm’s newest works, here at Boutwell Recording Studios.

For some images of these fine gentlemen’s art stylings, please check out Bo’s flickr page:
and Paul’s website:

Some other special treats include, selected pieces by the students at Studio by the Tracks: , and the ever popular mingling of the most interesting people from the Arts and Advertising worlds!

See you there!
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Steep: An Exhibit of Teapots at Red Dot Gallery

Steep: An Exhibit of Teapots at Red Dot Gallery
Thru 9/18

Opening reception on Friday, August 6, 5-9 p.m.
Recent work from 19 artists representing seven Southern states. Includes pieces from Scott Bennett, Fong Choo, Tony Wright, Tim Sullivan, Steve Loucks, Virginia Scotchie, Chris Kelly, Doug Balous, Janice Kluge, Chris Greenman, Connor Burns, Suzie Bowman, Mark Knott, Adam Sterrett, Juan Granados, Lynette Hesser, Paveen Chunhaswasdikul, Bradley Birkhimer and Dori DeCamillis.

1001 Stuart Street, Homewood. 870-7608.

Birmingham Artists: Are You Blogging?

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Local Art Opening: Bible Skillet by Jonathan Purvis

I’ve always been a fan of artist and photographer Jonathan Purvis’ work. And then his newly developed website and show at Light Box Gallery really re-vamped that. I’m very excited for his upcoming show at boutwell studios called Bible Skillet.

Friday, March 26th from 5 – 8PM.

“On Friday the 26th we will be enjoying wine, beer, and light refreshments, while we admire Jonathan Purvis’ newest works on paper, here at Boutwell Recording Studios.”

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Space One Eleven: The Compassion Project


Shana Berger
Nathan Purath
November 6, 2009 – January 8, 2010


“The Compassion Project” is a conceptual art billboard undertaking that uses the vernacular of Christian marketing campaigns to examine spirituality and politics in America.  Based in York, Alabama, the artist team Shana Berger and Nathan Purath engage religious preconceptions by exploring the phrase “Even in hell there is compassion.”  Hell, compassion, the democratizing of resurrection, and redemption, this expression offers traditional fundamentalist Christian heritage an expanded way of viewing damnation.  The art installations illustrate that escape from hell is universally available to every human through compassion.

Artists Berger and Purath installed billboards in New Orleans, Memphis and Atlanta.  Their work highlights the challenges faced when considering complex expressions of faith and spirituality. They will exhibit project documents and conduct workshops and lectures at:

Space One Eleven (SOE)
Birmingham, Alabama
November 6, 2009 – January 8, 2010
Opening Reception November 6, 2009
(All events are free and open to the public!)

Berger and Purath are inspired by a Buddhist folktale told by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn.  The story tells that in a past life, prior to enlightenment, the Buddha was in hell.

A guard in hell whose duty was to cause suffering was torturing the Buddha along with another man.  The Buddha, tired of seeing his companion in pain, told the guard that he should not beat the man or cause suffering in others.  The guard became very angry and stuck his fork in the heart of the Buddha.  The Buddha died, but was simultaneously reborn into a new life on earth. “Even in hell there is compassion.”

Berger and Purath’s billboards use the same memorable black background and white serif font of the pervasive “God Speaks” religious advertising crusade.  The “God Speaks” billboards are written in casual modern day English. They invoke an obvious ideological association and critique from a conservative Christian God.  Some ofthe phrases include, “All I know is everything,” “The real Supreme Court meets up here,” and “One nation under me,” all signed God.

The billboards were respectfully declined in Birmingham, AL and Knoxville, TN by Lamar Advertising.  This sadly demonstrates economic influences on morality.

Berger and Purath ask for audience participation with an interactive website and a toll free number, 1-800-515-5690.


Berger and Purath’s “The Compassion Project” is part of “Found Around the South, Two.”  Conceived and curated by SOE’s founding directors. Anne Arrasmith and Peter Prinz, it  echoes Space One Eleven’s first exhibit, “Found Around the South” (1986) which brought regional artists together to explore how Deep South concerns, while often described as “peculiar,” were (and are) relevant to all.

Now, 23 years later, from their base in Birmingham, Alabama noted for its post Civil War industry, its leadership in the movement for civil rights and its current recognition for cutting edge medicine, Arrasmith and Prinz have designed a series of six projects.  Running from 2009-2012,” Found Around the South, Two” focuses on work done by today’s organizing artists/curators based in the Deep South who address issues that ripple out into the world.

“Found Around the South, Two” brings attention to their interests concerning race, politics, religion, sex not to mention class, gender and the changing demographics of the Deep South.  The series explores the area’s unfortunate attachment to anti intellectualism while celebrating its renowned friendliness, delicious emphasis on food, road house R&B, jazz, gospel and Rock & Roll!

The “heat” remains in this unique place as it continues to shine the light on what’s important to the world.


Space One Eleven

2409 2nd Avenue North | Birmingham, AL 35203-3809 | Tel. 205 328-0553 |
Fax 205 254-6176 |

Space One Eleven Mission

Deeply grounded in place, Space One Eleven’s mission is to provide professional opportunities for visual artists while creating a forum for public understanding of contemporary art.  Cornerstones are Space One Eleven’s adherence to artistic freedom and a commitment to the payment of professional fees to participating artists